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  • Relaxation     100%
  • Hunger           60%
  • Sleepiness      60%
  • Creativity        50%
  • Energetic         50%
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This hybrid strain is sure to please fans on both sides of the indica vs sativa debate. It offers a cerebral and creative high that showcases the best of both types of quality marijuana: the lush thoughtful effects from the sativa weed heritage combined with the relaxing and soothing impact that indicas tend to offer. It’s also great for pain relief, alleviating anxiety, and more. $100 OG has a strong skunky aroma and flavor with notes of nut and pine.

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7g, 14g, ounce, 1\4 pound, 1\2 pound, pound

5 reviews for $100 OG

  1. Alex martinz

    Great job 👍 received ma package will get to other more this coming week all my home boys are in love with your product

  2. ahmeddouglas

    Always on time and you can’t beat the price

  3. Quanking

    Great deal gonna bring more and bigger ones

  4. jdvaz01

    That’s my third purchase with them and I’m very happy. I asked for recommendation and they were amazing. I got really good deals. They’re fast to delivery like 20min (Anaheim) Fast, great service, good deals, good prices, good recommendations!!!! That’s my favor weed store!!!

  5. mdelfierro

    I’ve ordered from Kushagram a few times and never had an issue. Delivery is pretty quick and drivers are always friendly.

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